Business Valuation

Business Valuations

What is Your Business Value

Part art and part science, the valuation of a business is an important piece of information for a business owner to have as it enables the estimation of the sale price and provides a benchmark for prospective buyer offers. Transition Company will help you find your business value.

We invite you to start with our CoreValue Discover report using the form on the right to get an idea of your business value today and its potential value for sale. However, this is just the beginning and is not the valuation you'll 'take to the bank'. Once you have your initial value, we'll followup to provide professional and certifiable valuation options.

A traditional business valuation is a necessary first step for owners considering a sale, however, it is not sufficient in determining if a business is best marketed in its current state. It may be that specific high ROI actions can be taken to add value to your company, ultimately increasing its selling price. A valuation by The Transition Company is specifically prepared and structured to enable a business owner to make informed decisions on if, how, and when to take his or her company to market.

The Transition Company employs a proprietary process that values the business as it currently performs and projects an enterprise value potential enabling you to determine whether it is best to go to market now, or work strategically and methodically to increase the value of your business.

Our valuations are prepared by certified valuation experts, provide actionable information, and are very affordably priced. 

We take the time to meet with you to review your valuation, answer any questions, and assist you in making informed decisions.

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With our 100+ years of combined expertise, our process dictates that we take the time to get to know you and your company. Instead of just focusing on the transaction, we form a partnership with you to accomplish your specific financial, lifestyle, and legacy objectives. There is a better way, and it’s the The Transition Company way!

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