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Want to know how much more your business could be worth?

CoreValue Discover is the best in class business value enhancement software.  Originally developed at M.I.T. in the mid 1980’s, this software contains proprietary algorithms designed to provide estimates of your company’s Value Gap. 

The term Value Gap represents the difference between what your business is likely worth in its current state and what it could be worth if additional business best practices were prioritized and implemented.

How much could
your business be worth?

  • Find out in 10-15 minutes
  • You will receive a high-level view of the value of your business and its value enhancement potential
  • A fully tailored CoreValue Discover report will be emailed to you upon completion
  • Quantify how much unrealized opportunity is on the table

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What does CoreValue Discover Deliver?

Valuation Estimate

An estimated current value of your business. Quicker and less expensive than traditional valuations

Best Practices

Your business’ alignment with value-building best practices

Core Competencies

A ranking for all aspects of your business using 9 Market Drivers and 9 Operational Drivers

Actionable Path

A roadmap to value enhancement that traditional valuation methods are not designed to provide


Easy-to-use and real-time tracking of tasks and quantification of improvement initiatives


An ability to sort tasks by driver, rating, value gap, and largest “bang for the buck” to correctly prioritize the high value building efforts

The Best Decisions Require the Best Information
Choosing the best course of action requires the best facts, most complete understanding of current and future state potential, and the identification of any and all risks and opportunities. 

CoreValue Discover is the first step in learning your business value and costs you nothing beyond a few minutes of your time.
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