A transition from business ownership involves much more than the sale transaction itself. We offer a comprehensive process designed around maximizing business value, optimizing the timing of an exit and ensuring seamless transitions for our clients.

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Prior to listing your business, we spend a considerable amount of time understanding the current and potential value of your business. Most importantly, we work to understand your motivations, goals and objectives for your personal and professional transition. We fully explain the process so you can make informed decisions about if, when and how to transition your role, ownership and lifestyle in a way you won’t regret.

We spend more time than other brokers on the front-end to help you determine which transition options suit you best, if now truly is the time to transfer ownership or it’s best to work to enhance your value, and what happens the day after you have executed your transition plan.

If you decide it’s time to sell, we do additional assessment to understand your business thoroughly and begin viewing it through the objective lens that prospective buyers will use. This preparation pays huge dividends when we begin interfacing with prospective buyers. The broker with the best facts wins and we ensure that this advantage stays with you.


Most traditional brokers are transaction-centric – if they don’t sell your business they don’t generate revenue. With this model, a business owner’s options are not fully explored and less attention is paid on how to optimize the transaction. Traditional business brokerage houses focus very little on planning for a seamless transition of the business, its employees, customers and vendors.

The Transition Company will take your business to market, but not without first educating you on the options you have. We have the expertise on staff to add and create value through improved cash flow, systematization, and team development.

Adding value to your business is, in large part, a function of two main activities: building systems of industry best practices into your company’s existing structure and developing the competencies of your core team members. We partner with you to implement our value enhancement programs, utilizing our team’s expertise in business consulting, business development, and behavioral psychology. Our value enhancement programs concentrate on developing and implementing high ROI improvements with quick payback periods.


We assist in planning, communication, preparation and execution of a transition that is best for the owner and their various stakeholders.  This transition may be a sale to a third party, but it could also be an ownership transfer to a family member or employee, an interim transition to passive or semi-passive ownership, or even involve a partial sale of the business to diversify your net worth.

Our value proposition is based on a dedication to understanding our client’s story, life, and legacy goals;  assisting with positive life-enhancing transitions, and maintaining long-term relationships.

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