Sell-Side Advising

Sell-Side Advising

Detailed planning and forethought result in the best business transactions and most successful and fulfilling personal transitions. But, selling your business is not your only choice to a lifestyle transition and the timing of what you do and when you do it is critical.

The Transition Company’s seasoned team members, many of whom have made the transition you are considering, are uniquely suited to help you understand the process of preparing a business for a transition. We help you evaluate all available options, and assist you in making decisions that are consistent with your lifestyle, legacy, and financial objectives. We are also the best choice to assist you in getting optimal value and the most beneficial deal structure when you do go to market.

Other considerations when deciding to sell are:

  • Optimal Time to Go To Market
  • Current and Potential Enterprise Value
  • Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Prime Buyer Prospect Attributes
  • Risk and Prevention of Confidentiality Leaks
  • Transition to Passive Ownership as an Interim Value Enhancing Strategy
  • Buyer Due Diligence Pre-preparation
  • Post-Transition Lifestyle – Advance Decisions
We are committed to forming a partnership with you to help navigate the challenging journey of considering, starting, and executing a seamless business and life transition.

How can we help you make a successful


With our 100+ years of combined expertise, our process dictates that we take the time to get to know you and your company. Instead of just focusing on the transaction, we form a partnership with you to accomplish your specific financial, lifestyle, and legacy objectives. There is a better way, and it’s the The Transition Company way!

"Bill demonstrated a strong commitment to finding a way to resolve any issue that arose.  His research went far beyond what I thought I would get.  He was able to provide me with well thought-out, clear and understandable answers.  He was always available either by phone, text or email and responses were always timely. If he was tied up he would communicate when he was next available and respond promptly at that time. He spent countless hours working on our deal and we are very impressed and grateful for his hard work, which led to a successful transition of ownership.  Bill understood that we wanted everyone involved to feel confident they were getting a good deal.  Buyer, seller, vendors and employees all felt they had won. He was sincere in his concern for Joanna and me. Every aspect of his behavior demonstrated a strong desire to fulfill our needs and to do so with integrity."

Jay Wilson Crystal Valley Catering

“While selling my business, Bill displayed an amazing depth of knowledge of not only the accounting and business side of what I needed from the sale of my company, but knew of the emotional and personal investment that was being sold as well.  His experience as a former business owner as well as his financial background gives him a unique perspective of what it takes to sell your business as well as what you NEED when you do so.  He connected with what I was looking for financially and helped maintain realistic goals while constantly looking out for my best interest from the buyer. He was always easy to contact, be it via email, text or phone, and saw possibilities I never even recognized to facilitate not only a timely sale, but a profitable one!  I would recommend his services to anyone looking to sell their company – because he realizes that it isn’t just a company – it is the result of your hard work and sweat – your BUSINESS!”

Dave Hunt 2 Men and a Truck
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