Value Enhancement Coaching

Performance and Value Enhancement Coaching

Systematically Increase the Value and Salability of Your Business

Traditional business brokers are only interested in and capable of taking your business to market in its current state. 

They do not have the time, tools, training, expertise or interest in evaluating and preparing you for what is likely one of the most important financial and life altering processes you will encounter – the transition of your business, lifestyle, and passion.
There are No “Do-Overs”

The Transition Company staff is prepared to help you build the marketability, salability and overall value of your business. We can also help you prepare for your successful transition so you are able to look back without the nagging feeling that it should have gone better.

Your options are better identified and assessed if you know more about the current and potential value of your business. If you have the determination, opportunity and time to unlock the potential value of your company, your options are greater and your payoff is larger. We recommend a minimum of 18 months, a commitment to work ON your business in ways that you haven’t focused on in the past and a willingness to involve key team members.

CoreValue Discover is the first step in knowing what your business value is today and what it could be with a little help.


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Coaching vs. Consulting

The Transition Company team provides coaching not consulting because we believe the Enterprise Value enhancement comes from a transfer of knowledge to the management team.  

The Transition Company coaches provide any or all of the following:

  1. Encouragement
  2. Knowledge
  3. Tools
  4. Training
  5. Focus
  6. Accountability

Virtues of High-Value Companies

  1. A High Performing Management Team
  2. Documented and Efficient Systems Built Around Business Best Practices
  3. A Comprehensive Risk Identification and Management Process
  4. Ability to Withstand a Comprehensive Buyer Due Diligence Process
  5. Financial Performance that Compares Well with Industry Peers

We partner with you to work in a systematic manner to build these competencies into your business using the right tools and expert training. Our coaching expedites the Value Enhancement process and results in high ROI outcomes.

— The CoreValue Discover Report —

Quantify the 
Value Gap in 
Your Business

  • Only takes 10-15 minutes to complete
  • You will receive a high-level view of the value of your business and its value enhancement potential
  • A fully tailored CoreValue Discover report will be emailed to you upon completion
  • Quantify how much unrealized opportunity is on the table

Take the first step to building greater Enterprise Value by completing 
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